2-10 of April, 10 days-220 km Rally Against Unemployment
 From Patras to Athens - PAME

 - Mar 30, 2016

The City of Patras in Greece and organizes a big Rally Against Unemployment, under the slogan “Work for all, work with rights”. The rally will begin from Patras, in western Greece and after 10 days march, it will end with a big demonstration and a concert in Athens.

The issue of unemployment and the demand for immediate protection and support measures for the unemployed, concerns not only the unemployed themselves, but all the workers. The Trade Unions of Athens responded to the call of the City of Patras city council and will support this initiative with campaigns and a series of actions.

Already the WFTU and a number of trade union organizations have expressed their international solidarity.

PAME calls all unions to support this initiative and express their solidarity

Athens, March 30 2016

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