Trade Unions Of Athens Call For Support And Participation In The Rally From Patras To Athens Against Unemployment April 2-10 - PAME
 - Mar 24, 2016

 The Trade Unions Of Athens Respond to the call of Patras City Council initiative against the unemployment which destroys our country and has entered the life of thousand popular families, we will put all our efforts for its success! We will be at front line, participating ourselves and organizing the massive participation of more and more trade unions, workers and unemployed from our workplaces and our branches not only in the rally but also in the events that will be held all over Athens. We all join in the demonstration and the big rally-concert of workers, unemployed and youth on Sunday 5th of April, in Syntagma square.

Now it’s time to reinforce the struggle and fight against the system which gives birth, conserves and grows unemployment. This system is no other than capitalism. The monopoly groups along with their unions and governments, who imposed all the anti-workers’ measures in order to maximize their profits. The SYRIZA-ANEL government, as well as all the previous governments, crushes even more our wages, the social security system, our pension rights, every Collective Contract, imposing EU’s directions and using the huge unemployment as a “scarecrow” for the workers. It flexibilises the working relations and prepares a series of measures which will not leave anyone untouched. It condemns us on unemployment or half work, on various apprenticeship programs, on programs which recycle unemployment and secure huge “armies” of cheap workers, without social security rights, for the monopoly groups and Capital.

The Struggle For Steady-Full Time Jobs With Full Rights Concerns Us All!

The issue of unemployment and the demand for immediate protection and support measures for the unemployed which will cover the needs of the unemployed, concerns not only the unemployed themselves, but all the workers. We are making a call to every trade union, to all Labor Centers to participate in this initiative, to contribute as to make it known to every work place, to their branch, to organize the workers’ and unemployed massive participation. We call upon every worker and unemployed of Athens, the self-employed, youth, women and pensioners’ organizations to support this initiative with their participation.

We must highlight the big issue of unemployment problem. We must demand immediate protection and support measures for the unemployed.


 Steady-Full Time Jobs With Full Rights For Everyone

 Unemployment Benefit For All The Unemployed Without Terms Or Conditions And For All The Period Of Unemployment

 Full Healthcare For Every Unemployed And Their Families

 Full Reinstitution Of Collective Labor Contracts And Of The Minimum Wage

The Athens Trade Unions of:

Workers in Food and Drink Industries

Workers in Pharmaceutical Industries


Workers in Textile

Workers in Press

Workers in Paper Industries

Workers in Constructions


Workers in Commerce-Retail

Workers in Private Companies-Offices

Workers in Cleaning


Workers in Tourism, Hotels and Catering

Post and Courier Workers

Telecommunications and IT

Workers in Local Governments

Banks And Insurance Companies

Private Healthcare


And the National Unions of Workers in Ships




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