March 8th – International Women’s Day - PAME 

 - Mar 09, 2016

Struggle for a life without poverty, unemployment, imperialistic wars, refugees, exploitation All together in the joint struggle, with our wives and children for a better life.



159 years after the rebellion of women workers in New York, asking for humane life, work, parity and rights, we honor their memory and continue with renewed forces and experience, in order to be successful and follow their way till the end.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Executive Secretariat of All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) sends its warm and militant greetings to all women of the working class struggling every day to make ends meet in difficult conditions.

It calls on the trade unions, all workers, the unemployed, the pensioners, the youth, to protest unitied against the anti-people politics that destroy conquests and rights and condemn us, both men and women, to unemployment, insecurity and constant degradation of the lives of our families.

To raise our voice and fist and demand the butcher - bill not to be voted. Altogether, men, women and children, in cities and villages to claim our rights for a contemporary social security system with substantial benefits and dicent pensions. We shall oppose militantly against the misery to which thousands of women are condemned, by getting paid even less than men, by working to the grave, without the necessary measures of motherhood and health protection.

At the same time we protest against the cruelty of the EU, NATO, monopolies that entail wars, creating enormous numbers of human lives who wander for days and nights, uprooted from their homes and drowned in the hands of smugglers of human beings.

No one can remain indifferent to this continuing massacre. The greek government has huge responsibilities. Along with all the previous ones, it participated in all imperialistic wars and interventions in the region. It implemented and supported the anti-immigrant policy of the EU. It signed the EU and NATO agreements that created the waves of the uprooted.

It is the same policy that, in EU countries, reduces the wages, abolishes the collective bargaining agreements, dismantles the social security system with severe consequences especially for women and children, creates armies of unemployed and impoverished among the working class, sends us back to the beginning of the last century. It is the policy that without any consideration for human life, does not hesitate to devastate whole countries by bombardments, so as to ensure capitalistic profit and capitalistic development.

We call on all the working class to show solidarity with the refugees, their mothers and children. We have nothing to divide. The common enemy, imperialism, unites us. We demand to stop the entrapment of refugees and immigrants. To ensure the safe and direct transfer of refugees from countries of first asylum (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon) and from Greece to the states of their final destination.

The murder of thousands of refugees in the Aegean Sea, which is supported by the EU and NATO must stop now. We demand:

- NATO out of the Aegean Sea now.

- Our country’s disengagement from NATO’s plans and imperialistic interventions in the region. The base of war in Souda must be closed now.

- Out the Frontex and others EU mechanisms from borders surveillance.

- The immediate creation of humane and decent temporary reception centers under the responsibility of the Ministry on Immigration Policy.

We strengthen and escalate our struggles. The March 8th demonstration shall be a step on the way of the preparation of the 2-day general strike, so as to prevent the new crime against our social security rights.

Join us at the rally on Tuesday 8th March at Propilea

Athens, March 8th, 2016

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