Greece: Strikes And Actions Of The Class Trade Unions (PHOTOS) - PAME

 - Nov 10, 2015

Last week took place strikes and actions in many sectors and areas of Greece. The preparation of the General Strike by the class oriented trade unions has not been an easy task, with lay offs of trade union leaders once more taking place.

 In the region of Arta, (at Eastern Greece) the President of the Regional Trade Union

Center of Arta, comrade Giannis Gallios, along with 5 more trade unionists were laid off by their construction work at the local Archeological Service (which is a State Service) under the pretext of lack of funds. The lay offs are a clear method of intimidation before the General Strike and the Central Government of SYRIZA bears great responsibility for this incident. The trade union organizations of the area responded with a protest and occupation of the Archeological Service on Thursday and a massive and militant demonstration in the city of Arta on Friday, November 6 demanding the cancelation of the lay offs.

 In the city of Giannena (at North-Eastern Greece) the workers at the GENIKI

ANAKIKLOSI (General Recycling) went on 2day Strike on Thursday and Friday against the plans of the company for lay offs and wage cuts. The workers continue with new 48hour strike today, November 9-10.

 The Construction Workers Trade Union of Athens held a work stoppage last Thursday, in construction sites to discuss and prepare the General Strike on November 12

 In Heraklion, Crete, at the Recycling Company the workers have been on strike action for the past week against the lay offs of the old staff, and its replacement with new, lower paid, workers.

 The workers in Municipalities organized occupations of a number of Town Halls all over Greece against the new measures of the SYRIZA Government.

 The Maritime workers held a Nationwide, 4day strike demanding the protection of their social security rights.

 School and University Students, along with the forces of PAME in Education held massive rallies all over Greece on Monday and Thursday last week against the deterioration of the Education for the children of the popular families.


The class trade unions of Greece escalate their struggle with the National General Strike on November 12.

Athens, November 9, 2015

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