November 12 We Go On Strike!  - PAME 

 - Nov 02, 2015

Everyone In The Path Of The Strike!

We Go Massively, Militantly On National General Strike!

 We say no the destruction of Social Security

 No house in the hands of the bankers! Block the auctions!

 No more taxation-robbery! Down with the taxes!

 No to layoffs! We demand immediate measures for the protection of the unemployed!

 No to Hunger wages! No worker under minimum wage, without collective contract or Social Security!

 Recover of all losses NOW! Reinstatement of the salaries and pensions to their previous, higher levels! Cancelation of all anti workers, anti social security laws!

 Fight against the privatizations, against the delivery of public wealth to the business groups. Against the consequences that such developments mean, which will be against the workers with intensification of exploitation and layoffs, along with higher prices for the popular families in electricity, water, transport, communications, necessary goods.

The Capital, the EU and the Government of SYRIZA move on to a huge, premeditated, anti-workers crime! The Government of SYRIZA comes to finish the job of the previous, Conservative and Socialdemocratic, Governments.

 We will not surrender Social Security. It was gained through struggles and blood!

 We do not accept hunger-pensions!

 We do not accept Social Security to become a privilege of the few!

 We will not become food to the vultures of the private insurance companies and the big capitalists, who want to invest in Health Services.

Social Security Concerns Everyone

It is about the right on pension, on Healthcare. It is the protection of the popular families and its children, protection of motherhood, of the disabled, protection against dangers at work, work related accidents and diseases.

All these we have already paid through our work, sweat and blood, ourselves, as also the previous generations. No one gave them to us for free!

The vast majority of the pensioners survive with hunger-pensions and the new measures will result to new pension-cuts, new degradation of the healthcare services, while hospitals fall apart and shut down!

At the same time the capitalists’ debts of millions of Euros are being erased! They are being exempted from contributions to the social security funds; they are being exempted by taxes and are also being subsidized with money coming from our hard work!

National General Strike November 12

 They abolish completely the right on pension and social security for the young generations!

 They condemn the self employed, the small farmers to work till old age!

 They raise the retirement age limits, which will result to work till old age without exemptions!

 They abolish the “arduous and unhealthy” professional categories!

November 12 we go on Strike!

We demand Exclusively Public Free Compulsory Social Security for All

 No new cuts in pensions and reinstatement of the pensions in the before 2009 levels

 Cancelation of all anti workers, anti social security laws of all 3 Memoranda that cut wages, pensions and benefits. Retirement age limit at 60 years for Men and 55 for the women. At 55 and 50 respectively for “arduous and unhealthy” professional categories

 The deficits of the social security funds were created by the state and the employers and they must pay for them

 Coverage with public funding, of the total losses of the reserves of social security and pension funds and of the losses from the haircut (PSI) with the responsibility of the state and employers.

 Return of the cash reserves with which the coalition government of SYRIZA - ANEL by a legislative act paid the installments to the IMF “on time”. Withdrawal of the reserve funds from all sorts of “gambling”.

 Unified, exclusively public and free modern healthcare system - Welfare, Preventive and Emergency Medicine for everyone, financed exclusively by the state.

 No exception from the list of BAE (heavy and arduous professions) and including of new professions. Restore BAE for professions declassified.

The workers have one way out! To Rise Up!

We do not compromise with poverty, miserable life, unemployment, half-jobs without any rights, so as the few to multiply their profits.

We strengthen solidarity everywhere, in all branches and neighborhoods. It is our weapon!

We strengthen our unity, our unions, rally with PAME, to build a social alliance to break and overthrow the EU and the interests of monopoly groups! For growth to the benefit of the working people, not of the few!

November 12 We Go On Strike!

October 2015

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