We Organise The Workers-People’s Response To The New Attack!
We Can Overthrow The Negative Developments.- PAME

 - Oct 08, 2015

We Do Not Accept The Abolition Of The Rights That Have Remained. We Must Take The Leading Role In The Developments.

By the end of October the Government of SYRIZA plans to impose the new prerequisites of the 3rd Memorandum. The measures are hard on social security, working relations, extreme taxation to the popular strata, privatizations etc. Greek Government, European Union and capitalists push for the fast imposition of the measures

Already they have announced the attack on Social Security! They plan new pension cuts, abolition of rights, healthcare, Health and Safety measures at work. The issue of social security affects all workers, all workers’ families, all ages, especially the young generations.

The Greek Government and the Capitalist Media propagate that the people agree with the measures, using the recent elections’ results. There is no people’s Agreement with the destruction of our lives. The demolition of social security, of the wages, of workers’ rights, the liberalization of massive layoffs must face the fighting working class. They must face strong Resistance, challenge and condemnation.

PAME calls the trade union organizations, the trade union leaderships, the workers’ committees, to organize the struggle, with discussions, meetings, assemblies, in every work place. To immediately decide participation and organization of Demonstrations on October 22, in every city.

At the same time to prepare for National General Strike on November 12.

We must stop the attempt of the Government to catch us off guard, unprepared, unable. We must stop the forces that ally with the employers, to undermine our struggle by letting time pass and without any organization give away our power to the enemy.

We must take the situation into our own hands

October 22, Demonstrations in every city

November 12, National General Strike

Athens, October 2015

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